India space agency ISRO had been showing great developments in there technology. That has been keep amazing the whole world.

10 great achievements of ISRO are:-


The aryabhata named after an Indian astronomer, was first satellite of India. As it was completely designed in the country. It mark an milestone in the history of Indians space program. A great achievements by ISRO. It’s was launched in the year 1975, from Russian facilities.

The purpose of making the satellite was to gain an experience of building the satellite and operating an satellite in space. It was an proud moment for India for launching it’s first satellite in space.

Indian National Satellite system (INSAT)-1983:-

Indian national satellite system most importantly known as the set of series the multipurpose geostationary satellite launched by ISRO. To support the Telecommunication system, Broadcasting system, Metrology, system and Searching rescue operation. Commissioned in 1983 it was the largest domestic communication system in the Asia Pacific region.

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV)-1990:-

Polar satellite launch vehicle was developed in 1990’s and has became the Indian space most reliable workhorse. A great achievements by ISRO. The PSLV carried its first mission in 1993. But in 1994 was its first successful launch. Because of this success for the next 25 years, it launch various satellite For historic mission. Most importantly Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan.

It remain favourite among various organisations as a launch service provider. This system has been used for 39 times to launch satellites into space. Out of these 39 satellite ISRO has only suffered one failure that was in 1993. After that it was always been an successful launch.

Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Mark III(GSLV MK-III)-2014:-

India has been taking baby steps towards realising India’s ambition of sending humans into space. After India launch it’s heaviest space vehicle GSLV MK-III, ISRO has tested the atmospheric re-entry of crew module. Most importantly it can with stand the heat temperature of 1600° Celsius.

India is expected to enter the special group of space cruzing nation. Which are capable of sending humans to the space, by the year 2020. That will be a great achievements by ISRO.

Reusable Launch Vehicle- TD-2016:-

In May 2016 ISRO successfully tested the reusable launch vehicle Technology demonstrator. The technology which is developed completely with launched scrap. Therefore the cost of making satellite gets low. Launching satellite in space and Re enter the atmosphere sub standing extreme pressure and heat condition at an intended spot that cut cost of launch vehicle substantially. This helps ISRO to make launch vehicles at lower cost. A great achievements by ISRO.

Launching 20 Satellites- 2016:-

In June 2016 ISRO has created record for launching 20 setelite in one mission. It was an record for the space agency it was an proud movement for ISRO. A great achievements by ISRO. The PSLV carried a weight of 1288 KG. In that launch satellites of other countries was also there like US, Canada, Germany and Indonesia. As ISRO has send other countries satellite into space by setting a record it was an proud moment for ISRO.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System(IRNSS)-2013-16:-

IRNSS is an ingeniously build constellation of 7 satellites which has been now given an operational name NAVIC. Navigation with Indian constellation, it can provide an accurate real time Positioning and timing services. And extended service to region of 1500 km around India. IRNSS constellation consists of three satellites in GEO Orbit and four satellite in GEO orbit. That are about 36,000 km above earth surface.


It is India’s first Lunr exploration program. A great achievements by ISRO. The first mission Chandrayaan I was lunch in October 2008 on boat PSLV-XV rocket. Till August 2009 ISRO join an elite list of space agency to send an orbiter to moon. Chandrayaan I made the popular discovery of water on moon.

Launching 104 Satellite-2017:-

ISRO creates history as PSLV rocket launches 104 satellites at one go. one of the great achievements by ISRO. Russian space agency sets a record of launching 37 satellites in one go in 2014, American Space agency NASA has launched 29. The total weight of the satellite was around 1,378 kg.

Out of 104 satellite that set into the space 101 satellite was from others 6 countries. They included 96 from US and one each from Israel, UAE, Netherlands, Switzerland and Kazakhstan. It was a proud moment for India as no other space agency has ever launched even the half number of satellites to the space.


India joins an exclusive global Club. When Mars Orbital Mission, dubbed as ‘Mangalyaan’ successfully enter the Martian orbit in September 2014 in its 1’st attempt. India became the 1’st country who successfully completed the Mars mission in one attempt. The 4’th country to successfully made it to Mars. One of the great achievements by ISRO.

In a budget that is 10 times lower than the similar project by USA. A 450 crores rupees project by India which captures pictures from Mars. This was the biggest achievement by Indian space agency. Most importantly ISRO had completed. It’s mars mission that also in their first attempt and that also in this small budget.


These were the 10 great achievements by ISRO.

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